Charlie’s Angels premiered on ABC on March 21, 1976 and millions of people tuned in to watch Sabrina Duncan (Kate Jackson), Jill Munroe (Farrah Fawcett), and Kelly Garrett (Jaclyn Smith), battle the bad guys for a guy named Charlie Townsend. With a 59% share of the viewing audience ABC had a hit. Produced by the late Aaron Spelling and Leonard Goldberg it catapulted to the top of the ratings when it aired again on September 22nd. “Charlie’s Angels” was originally a vehicle set to star Kate Jackson, who was very popular on “The Rookies”. Aaron had already worked with Lee Majors (then wife) Farrah Fawcett-Majors on Murder on Flight 502. Jaclyn Smith rounded out the cast as Kelly (the street-smart angel) Garrett.

Originally ABC wanted Spelling to recast Kelly but Spelling/Goldberg stood their ground for the southern Smith (the only original angel to last the entire run of the series) and thus began Charlie’s Angels.

With John Forsyth as the voice of Charlie and David Doyle as Bosley the series enjoyed a sky rocketing first season on ABC. It is of interest to note that David Ogden Stiers (Colonel Winchester of MASH) was in the original pilot as Scott Woodville.

Charlie’s Angels ran for five seasons on ABC from 1976-1981. Fawcett left after the first season and reprised her character for six more episodes over the next two seasons. Jackson also left the series after season Three. Cheryl Ladd took over as Jill's little sister (season 2) and enjoyed instant celebrity as Kris Munroe (Jill’s little sister). It was after Jackson’s exit that the series dropped in the ratings and struggled with the addition of Shelly Hack (season 4) and then Tanya Roberts (season 5).

Additional Note: Cheryl Ladd's web sites are above, I was fortunate enough to meet her on the set of a tv film where I was just an "extra." Cheryl was gracious, warm and said hello to everyone on the set. She didn't have to but she did. She was every bit an "angel" in person and was just as beautiful as you might think she was from watching Charlie's Angels or the multiple films, televisions shows and other appearances that feature Ladd. It was a long time ago (1995) but I still think about her ability to be that gracious and kind to everyone on the set regardless whether you were acting with her or adjusting a light.

Ladd is just as beautiful today and with her signature homes, proves, she's not only a celebrated author (Token Chick) and avid golfer she also knows a thing or two about homes and what really makes something beautiful.